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We introduce innovation, collaboration, excitement, and thoughtfulness. Get ahead of the boring ways of shopping through discount offers, scroll through your favorite items at Q-Funds and use your EcoChecks to receive the offered Cashback amount. We connect merchants with clients, and clients with charitable institutions, developing a network that benefits every member of the Q-Funds community.


Who are we?

Giving and taking isn't equally proportionally in terms of benefit, but here at Q-Funds, we take the word “give” to the next level and have truly revolutionized the way individuals think about “giving back”. By analyzing and assessing the needs of consumers and business owners, we have determined that the online charity cashback app business model was the perfect way to help and contribute to a better investment plan for the future.

Support businesses in your community

You can help small companies stay in business. They are providing cash rewards with intentions to attract more clients and stand out against big corporations. We “clients" can support them by using EcoChecks.


Get rewarded for buying, no Strings attached

Q-Funds has revolutionized the way you shop. customers now can shop and earn real cash we call Q-Funds. Simply select your EcoChecks and use them when checking out at your favorite retailers and local businesses. Your Q-Funds will be transferred directly into your “My Q-Funds” account on the App. So what's the wait? Become a Giving Member and start earning today!


Donate Your Rewards

Donation should be a healthy practice for all earning as it tends to be a social responsibility. And when talking in reference to Q-Funds, things just kept getting easier! Now donating for your heart felt causes, without being expensive, as with Q-Funds, you will earn money while you shop and help make the world a better place by donating your Q-Funds to the non-profit charities listed in our App. As soon as your Q-Funds become available you will have the power to donate instantly! What's better than that?

Another, more exciting way to use your rewards for the same cause is to join hands with other members of the Q-Funds community. Q-Funds add a little spice of Fun to the game of giving generously. Organizing a fund-raising program every month, the clients are encouraged to vote for their favorite charity candidate to win the Pot collected by the members chipping in the Pool Funds.


Cash out your rewards

There comes a time when we are all short on cash. Are the holidays coming up? How about a special occasion? Have some bills that need to be taken care of? This will be a time that you are happy you decided to become a giving member as you can easily cash out your Q-Funds just as easily you acquired them.


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