Acquire New Ways To Develop With Time.

Every Industry looks forward to incorporating new ideas, design and structure in their organization to develop coherently with the growing world. Local Businesses depend on their degree of sales to prosper and reinvigorate their business economy. However, traditional methods are drying up the potential of the newly emerging businesses by putting a halt in their level of competence and accomplishment. Thus, Q-Funds invite the local businesses to participate with them is the unified developmental plans for the future, presenting a beautiful proposal with an innovative idea, that can boost your sales and purchases in no time.

Substitude ordinary coupons with Our EcoChecks.

A large proportion of the world in today’s time needs a creative bargain with the product to divert their attention towards it, whilst not forgetting the fact that today’s individual never disregards the idea of earning from any source available. Hence, we have arrived with a solution to revolutionize the way your business multiply profits by substituting discounts with EcoChecks – for good!

How will this change benefit you and your business?

EcoChecks taking over the ordinary discount offer has more benefits than you can count. Let’s see what those are! How much do you normally spend on a discount coupon? Starting from designing, printing, advertising, marketing and other services to the actual discount, it is hard to believe the disruption that is caused in your overall revenue and cashflow only to attract customers. Talking about the decrease in today’s profit for a long-term shot, is it even worth all your investments? Do you see an influx of customers walking through your doors? Has your sales multiplied so far significantly? EcoChecks are guaranteed to be so much better of an option. Being digitally and electronically operated, it cuts all costs of paper coupons generated. You simply create EcoChecks on the Q-Funds App for your product with an offer of your choice (fixed, or percentage cashback offer) and wait for your customers to redeem those EcoChecks.

  • Your customers will be paying complete price of the products and in exchange you can offer a small cashback as a thank-you gesture. How much a cashback really is when compared to the price of the product? – Now increase your revenue, cash flow, profit and sales!
  • Trust us, rewards as cashback is far more attractive than reduced prices – attract more customers to your item without giving them a discounted offer.
  • It’s all profit and no loss, look how! You pay for the offer you laid as an EcoCheck only when those EcoChecks are redeemed, meaning when your product is successfully sold. You gain a fortune and you spend next to nothing. Isn’t that good news?
We Make your Offer Presentable and Selling!

We believe it is our duty to attract customers for you, quick and efficiently. Q-Funds provide you a free platform to advertise your products. You won’t see us charging you a penny without a purchase, followed by an authorization, upon which you can pay for your offer, and we will return to you with a receipt – quick and easy! Your EcoCheck will be customized by us before it is made available to the clients. In easier word, you offer an “X” amount, we subtract a small service fee and advertise the “Y” amount. There is a preview section at Q-Funds which will enable you a reflection of your EcoCheck creation. Review how your EcoChecks will be displayed and advertised to our clients – we keep nothing hidden from you, our methods are transparent and clear!

We are your Trusted and Reliable Companions.

We offer benefits to you and your customers with no hidden vendettas. Advertising your products is a tedious, exorbitant and a long process. Saving you from the hassle of publicizing yourself in the market, we take the responsibility of representing your items with novel offers laid out by you. You can convert your discount coupons to EcoChecks without any costs. Set the reward on your EcoChecks in accord with your will, and create the EcoChecks as the market demands. At Q-Funds you can create unlimited amount of EcoChecks, edit them and re-customize them at any time. If you feel like taking a break from distributing the offers to renew your strategies or for others reasons, you can delete ALL EcoChecks at the same time to put a halt at your advertising and marketing, without needing to deactivate your account at Q-Funds. When you are ready with new ideas, re-enter Q-Funds and create new EcoChecks altogether. Join Q-Funds without any monthly payments, subscription charges or hidden fees. We believe in ultimate transparency with the firms we work with. Let your customers know that you appreciate their interest in your product by paying a small Cashback, ensuring that they receive your message that you care about them and are grateful about their purchase. Not only are you benefitting yourselves and your customers but also the charitable organizations that receive donations from these Cashbacks by your clients, since we ensure that we create a strong and inspirational convincing for clients to contribute to the global cause. Your advertised amounts are distributed to the clients upon purchase, as free money, which they are motivated to use as donations.

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